JMPD planning to reunite Clive with officer

By Drum Digital
02 September 2015

Johannesburg Metro Police Department is working on reuniting Clive Naidoo with the officer who fined him

. Naidoo rocketed to fame after posting a clip of the traffic officer's retorts while he was being fined.

JMPD spokesperson, Wayne Minnaar, said they hoped to introduce the officer to the media at a joint press conference with Naidoo on Thursday, but until then Minnaar's lips remain sealed as to who she is, and whether her conduct is being investigated.

As the #CliveNaidoo and #AskClive hashtags gained traction, Naidoo himself had been driven to using capital letters to beg the Twitterverse to leave him alone after the clip went viral on YouTube on Tuesday.

Even Julius Malema found himself unwittingly dragged into it, tweeting that he and Naidoo were not going to have a braai together, as some had claimed.

Some found the exchange with the officer hilarious, while others were concerned by the officer's conduct, and by Wednesday memes on Bloubosrand, the address Naidoo gave, were doing the rounds, after the officer worked that information and his Indian ancestry into her retaliatory patter.

Business quick off the mark

Businesses were quick off the mark too with an advertisement purportedly by Nando's producing the legend, "Clive. You've been served" and Momentum Insurance tweeting, "@Momentum_za #CliveNaidoo, that windscreen crack would have been fixed long ago with Momentum short-term insurance :) #MSTICares".

Naidoo had been stopped for allegedly running a red robot, and chided the traffic officer for holding him up, adding that he pays her taxes.

The officer, filling out his lengthy citation, latched on to this, and was undeterred by his filming, even commenting on his iPhone and saying her father would be pleased to see her on television.

When he gave his address in Bloubosrand, she upped the backchat a notch and quipped that he should be embarrassed to live there.

The suburb is off Witkoppen Road near Fourways and boasts three-bedroomed houses for just over R1m, or smaller two-bedroomed houses for around half a million, according to Property24.

'Funny, very funny'

''It was funny, very funny,'' said Seeff area estate agent, Petronilla Mahlangu, who says the area is popular among young people between the ages of 30 to 45.

One of the memes on social media shows a photograph of a woman drinking red wine from a glass, with the words, "Estate agents in Bloubosrand this morning".

Another posts a screen grab of a property advert for a house on sale on Bloubosrand, of which the price has been reduced. The word reduced has been circled next to the words "Blame JMPD lady".

Mahlangu describes it as a good area with an even mix of black and white residents.

''There are good properties, some of them are selling up to R1.3m.

Some people were cautious about the proximity of a squatter camp, but the settlement was not a problem to Bloubosrand residents.

Bloubosrand is not far from Cosmo City, where the officer said she lived. Cosmo City is a mixed housing development near Honeydew.

A woman who seemed to be Naidoo's wife was also begged for Twitterviews - an interview on Twitter.

Naidoo did not respond to a text sent to his phone, which was switched off.

But a picture of his house was also posted on Twitter, after he had to repeat his street name to the bemused officer.

Source: News24

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