Joe Budden accused of vicious attack on girlfriend

By Drum Digital
22 August 2014

His girlfriend and bartender, known only as Audley, has said the rapper beat her in a jealous rage after seeing pictures on her phone he felt were incriminating.

Rapper Joe Budden has again been accused of brutally attacking his partner.

Entertainment site, TMZ, has obtained pictures of the alleged abuse.


Joe allegedly drove to a restaurant where his girlfriend was, dragged her out and slammed her into the dashboard of his car.

Joe is said to then have driven off to his home, where the brutal beating continued.


The pictures and allegations have sparked some comparison between Joe Budden and Chris Brown, who was also accused of abusing former his former girlfriend Rihanna.

audley3This is not the first domestic violence accusation leveled against Joe. His former partner, Esther Baxter, said Joe had choked her and slammed her body against a door. She also said the rapper sat on her stomach while she was pregnant, resulting in a miscarriage.

Joe, as was the case with Esther, has denied claims of abuse.



While Audley has remained quiet regarding the story of her reported abuse, fans and concerned women are looking for explanations. We hope Joe will soon say more than what he has on social media regarding the allegations.  

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