Judith Sephuma on recording second gospel album live

By Qhama Dayile
16 February 2017

“I was an anti-church girl. I was rebellious and I never even knew any gospel songs."

Singer Judith Sephuma last released a gospel album in 2015, but is currently working on her second live CD and DVD, My Worship, which will be recorded tomorrow.

Unlike many singers who started out at church, Judith says she hated going to church.

“I was an anti-church girl. I was rebellious and I never even knew any gospel songs,” Judith says.

In 1999 Judith’s life took a turn and she found herself down and out.

“I was living in Cape Town, I was hopeless and if I didn’t do something I was going to die because nothing was going right in my life,” she adds.

At a very low point, she found herself at church and that is when her journey began. “I was introduced in the industry as a jazz musician and that is what I did for a very long time. Behind the scenes, however, I was touching up on my gospel,” she shares.

“After releasing my gospel album The Experience in 2013, I then released One Word, a jazz album in 2015 and now I am ready for another Gospel album, My Worship.”

Judith says this album is to show appreciation for overcoming all the stumbling blocks in her life.

“I have been through so much and this album is to show gratitude for the hurdles I have passed along the way; death, divorce, loss, heartache and more. I am still standing and I thank God for that through this praise-and-worship album,” she adds.

“Even while recording this album my faith was tested, I had health attacks on my life but because I am prayerful, I remain unshaken,” she adds.

On the 15-track live CD and DVD, Judith revisits traditional hymns and new songs written by close friends.She says moving between jazz and gospel is an easy thing to do because she is passionate about both genres.

“The music industry is fickle, if you’re forcing things and are not passionate, people will see right through you. Besides being a mom, music is the only thing I have and my voice is my gift,” she says.

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