Julius Malema incites prospective public violence

By Drum Digital
22 March 2015

Julius Malema has challenged South Africans to remove statues that symbolise apartheid and colonialism.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has challenged South Africans to destroy Apartheid-era symbols such as statues of Apartheid leader Louis Botha outside parliament.

The Sunday Independent reports that while addressing a crowd in Langa in Cape Town on Saturday in celebration of Human Rights Day, Malema asked those in attendance to remove statues that symbolised the oppressive era.

“I’m challenging you, the fighters of Western Cape, that statue of Louis Botha at Parliament, it must go down ...... how it goes down, I’m not interested .... make a plan for that statue,” he said

This challenge comes amid calls for Cecil John Rhodes' statue at the University of Cape Town to be done away with after students at the institution flung faeces at the statue and a recent occupation of the administration building on Friday in support of their "Rhodes must fall" campaign.

Although what Malema has called for is illgal, the controversial politician has been quoted as not being fazed by the prospect of getting arrested for inciting public violence "he does not respect a rotten government”.

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