Just do it

By Drum Digital
21 November 2013

Start thinking about your business now!

We've all been raised on stories of Internet billionaires, wealthy young actors and other tales of spectacular overnight success. Knowing how well other people have done in business and how quickly they've scaled the mountain can be demotivating. It can make you lose confidence and feel as if you don't want to get started on a business unless it's going to be the next big thing.

This is a self-defeating mentality. Combat it by reminding yourself that you're not competing against anyone but yourself. Do whatever it is that you can do today, whether that means tutoring, designing T-shirts or building online communities. The important thing is to get your feet wet - not to take over the business world.

The bottom line is that your youth years are  ripe with entrepreneurship opportunities. You may never again have the energy, resources or motivation to start your business, so get to work.


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