Just the two of us

By Drum Digital
21 September 2010

THE couple happily horsing around our studio is oblivious to everyone around them, chatting away with careless abandon. Their sentences are peppered with the mandatory “baby” and “babe” as well as more cryptic terms of endearment, including “Doggy” and “Bunjuls”.

It’s obvious former SABC1 Live presenter Phila Mazibuko loves the company of his bubbly choreographer girlfriend, Tumi Dulamo, aka Blue. The two are like overenthusiastic schoolkids in the playground.“Doggy, can you fix my outfit?” Blue asks, and her man is only too happy to oblige and tie up her dress. “He calls me ‘my Bunjuls’ [it’s pronounced boonjools, she informs us] and I call him Doggy. Sometimes I call him Cheesecake.”

“You remind me of my girlfriend, you know,” Phila says as Blue makes a fuss over her dress.

Phila (22) is known for his TV work and he has built his career as a talkative, offthe- cuff presenter. It’s his gift of the gab that has endeared him to fans who have followed him as an actor, presenter and singer.

However, today’s interview is not about why he brought his presenting role alongside Bongang Matheba on Live to an abrupt end last month, or about his exciting new role in SABC1’s upcoming show Mzansi Insider.

Nor is it about his acting role on SABC2 soap Muvhango, in which he plays Sphamandla, or indeed his new album, the afro/ house/pop offering My First Love. Today, Phila has agreed to shoot a profile with his gorgeous 23-year-old girlfriend.

“We dated for, like, a year after I matriculated at Princess Park College in Pretoria then we broke up and remained friends,” Phila says. “They say, ‘Never burn your bridges’, so I’m back on that bridge again.”

“That’s his version,” Blue says, giggling. “Ask me all the details and the incriminating stuff and I’ll tell you about the time he wore shorts to his friend’s matric dance. Ha!

“Anyway, we met at that dance in 2006 and he suddenly started appearing at my church in Pretoria on Sundays. He would rock up with his angry hairdo sticking up.

”Soon his visits became more regular and Blue couldn’t help noticing him. “I was in the praise team at church and sat up front, so I spotted him when he rocked up late to take a seat at the back of the church.”

But Blue was no easy conquest. “He called me day in and day out – and when he texted me I wouldn’t reply,” she says. “But sometimes I would, hey baby?” “Ja, like once in a blue moon,” Phila replies sarcastically. But his patience paid off and he finally took her out on a date. “We went to Spur,” Blue says, laughing. “But do you want me to sound larney and say we went to Café de la-something?”

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