Justin Bieber trying to steal Big Sean's girl?

By Drum Digital
10 April 2015

Ariana Grande was seen cosying up to Justin Bieber during a performance.

A cosy moment between pop sensations Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber has brought up questions about her fidelity. Grande has been dating rap star Big Sean since 2014 after he broke up with his Glee girlfriend Naya Rivera. The YBF has posted a vine of the star's performance with Justin Bieber where he pulls her in for a cosy hug which Grande blushes to in response

The rapper then allegedly took to his twitter to blast Bieber for making moves on his babe.


But it was revealed that someone put their photoshopping skills to use by creating this entire image of the alleged tweet.

The GOOD music artist has kept mum about the incident as he has not been quoted as saying anything.

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