Kabomo mugged by three knife-wielding thugs

By Drum Digital
05 October 2015

While waiting in his car to confirm directions to a venue where he was due to perform, multi-talented Kabomo Vilakazi was attacked by three knife-wielding men.

As he was leaving his car to enter House 22 club in Sunnyside for a performance with Brian Temba, actor and singer Kabomo was mugged at knife-point recently.

Explaining what happened to him on Monday morning to Mo Flava on his Metro FM breakfast show, The Morning Fix, Kabomo said his attackers were young men who seemed nervous as they were mugging him.

One knife was held to his neck and another to his stomach. The magazine editor said he feared for his life when they demanded his phone, which they could not locate in his pocket. As he saw the hand of one attacker going up to stab him, one shouted that he had found the phone and they should go.

A bag carrying his valuables, including an Ipad and his ID, was taken, he told Mo Falva.

Kabomo is thankful for his life.

He even tweeted that he was applying for a new ID and passport.

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