Kagiso takes on Scandal! Co-star

By Drum Digital
04 November 2016

Outspoken actor Kagiso Modupe took a swipe at one of his female colleagues recently after the two made a paid for appearance together

He accused the actress of "not giving their fans value for their money".

In the video posted on his Instagram page, the Scandal! actor details how his unnamed co-star blamed him for making her look bad for not wanting to take snaps with fans and signing autographs, even though she was being paid to appear.

"If I'm going for an appearance, I'm there to take pictures and sign autographs, right?" he says while staring into the camera.

"As an actor it is my duty to take pictures and sign autographs for fans because I'm paid an appearance fee."

"I like to give my fans value for their money. People have paid to see me and interact with me. Am I right?" he continued.

Well, he's certainly one of those very few celebrities who doesn't shortchange his fans.

Go Kagiso!

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