Karebo's journey into our hearts

By Drum Digital
20 October 2010

REMEMBER that red and black two-piece Karabo wore on the very first episode of Generations? Teamed with red lipstick and the ’90s version of the “to the left; to the right” hairstyle, she was the image of a spoiled chizzgirl – and as for those miniskirts! Her look alone promised fans that this was a woman who would keep us enthralled... and did she ever!

As we bid farewell to Karabo – and Connie Ferguson – we look back at the legend who helped make the soap the most watched and talked-about show in the country.THE HAIR & MAKE-UP

Like her style, Karabo’s hair and make-up changed almost as often as she changed surnames! At first it was all about irelax and every girl’s best friend was a tong. Her make-up was also over the top: pink blush, pink lipstick and bright eye shadow.

Esme Mashugane, who used to do Connie’s face, says bold was the trend then. “We gave her an even brighter look for special occasions, such as red lips for funerals and weddings.”

When she opened Monique’s, Karabo traded in the tong and dyed her black hair copper-blonde, the look of the townships. Then, as the Noughties got under way, every black woman bought herself some hair, Karabo included.

It wasn’t a weave then, it was bonding – remember how you could spot the glue on someone’s scalp and how easily your hair peeled off when you bumped your head in the taxi? But the people at Generations did bonding so well most people actually believed it was Karabo’s real hair.


Few could outdo Karabo in the drama department. An outpouring of emotions and heartache followed each failed relationship – and no one could fall in and out of love as easily as this diva.

Her first boyfriend was Max Naidoo, who got her hooked on drugs. That disaster was followed by her marriage to Glen Majozi (Roderick Jafta) but that went belly-up when her best friend, Kgomotso (Carol Bouwer), amoshapa kabakstena and then her vengeful ex arrived in town, leaving Karabo blind. She hooked up with Dr Mandla Sithole (Fana Mokoena) after he started treating her, but he went crazy, kidnapped her and later ended up dead.

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