Kay in a fan frenzy

By Drum Digital
21 October 2016

Sometimes fame is not all its cracked up to be, especially when it comes to dealing with fans

This is exactly what Uzalo star Kay Sibaya discovered when he was mobbed by tons of fans at the Castle Lager Broville event at Casalinga Farm just outside Jozi.

At almost every turn, there was someone asking to take a picture with the star and even though he looked exhausted, Kay obliged.

"One of the most awkward moments was when Kay was about to enter a mobile toilet and a fan  pulled him back and insisted on a picture opportunity," a source tells DRUM.

"Kay was shocked and clearly upset, but he didn't react, he just asked the fan if he could use the toilet first."

The source says by the time Kay came out of the toilet, there was a small group of people waiting to take pictures.

"He handled it well but he looked so uncomfortable and some of the people were not even polite in how they asked him for pictures," the source continues. "It's almost like they felt they owe him."

When contacted for comment Kay said: "It's always humbling when people love the work you do but at times it gets a bit much. I understand that we are who we are because of the people who watch the show. So i oblige the fans wanting to greet me or have pictures taken."

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