"Ke Kopa Kuku" is not mine - Solly Moholo

By Drum Digital
01 September 2016

South African famous gospel singer, Solly Moholo set the record straight on the allegations that he is behind the crude song that's been making rounds on social media.

“'Ke Batla Kuku ( I Want P***y)' is definitely not my song,” he told Daily Sun.

Social media had earlier suggested that Solly is the singer of the song. Many alleged that the song was recorded because he was suffering from mental illness and had been admitted to a mental hospital.

However the gospel singer has rubbished the claims, saying that those responsible for the song are out to get him.

"I have nothing to do with this song, I would never record such music, I would never release a song that looks down on anyone," said Solly.

"They are jealous and they are trying to tarnish my name," he told the paper.

He further confirmed that he was fit and healthy, he doesn't remember the last time he visited hospital.

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