Keke feels the love

By Drum Digital
10 November 2010

WELL, wouldn't you know it – the top gospel star and church leader's cup is overflowing once again!

Kekeletso Phoofolo, who recovered from a slide into alcohol, drugs and homelessness to release two successful solo albums, present two gospel TV shows and start his own church, will soon be blessed with a baby daughter.

"My name is Kekeletso [which means increase] and I just add and add," he says with a laugh. Beside him is his pretty, petite wife, Mpho, who is looking radiant in a summer dress and sandals.

The pair have just been shopping at a baby boutique in Northcliff, Jozi. They can't wait to welcome the new addition to the family in the new year. But having a child is not only about adding to the family, Keke (32) says – it's a spiritual experience too.

"This baby has brought us so much closer," the popular singer says. "To me it's a manifestation of my ability to be productive. Not just in this sense but in my ministry, in my music and even in business."

Every aspect of his life has improved, he adds happily.

"I used to be stuck. Although my music was going well, the church wasn't growing. But now that's all changed. This little girl," he says, patting his wife's tummy, "is a breakthrough. God is trusting us with this responsibility and a higher anointing."

Keke's sense of wellbeing is evident as soon as he walks in – the man who used to present Spirit of Praise on and now presents In His Presence on DStv has never looked so relaxed. Still, getting there wasn't easy, he tells us. The couple first had to settle into marriage, meeting a few challenges along the way, and wait until Mpho had completed her studies in media at Boston Media House.

Keke also wanted to wait until he'd moved onto a farm in Walkerville, south of Joburg, where he and Mpho (22) could raise their kids together away from the city. He has custody of his two sons from a previous marriage – Kganya (12) and Lesedi (8) – so he and Mpho already have parenting experience.

"The past two years have been a great learning curve for us," Keke says. "We had to take that time to learn, accommodate and make compromises for each other."

And it shows. The two are more comfortable with each other than the last time we saw them (How a stranger changed my life, 11 December 2008). Then, Keke told us about his battle with alcohol and drug addiction, and how he clawed his way back to health.

Now, Keke, whose church Shekinah Glory Worship Tabernacle in Krugersdorp is doing as well as his award-winning gospel music career, is bursting with happiness. His boisterous nature has rubbed off on Mpho, who laughs hysterically at all his jokes and antics as the camera clicks away. And he can't leave his pregnant wife alone – he's forever stroking and tickling her tummy or with their grandmother in Soweto and Keke and Mpho would take the boys on weekends. But all that changed when Keke bought the farm.

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