Kelly Khumalo appeasing the ancestors?

By Drum Digital
08 January 2015

Could Kelly Khumalo be appeasing her ancestors for the wrong she thinks she may have done?

Singer and actress Kelly Khumalo raised eyebrows and suspicions by posting a photo of herself and sister, Zandile, on Instagram wearing matching isiphandla.

In the image, the sisters wrists are donned in white goat hide and is accompanied by the hashtag #BackToMyRoots.

Kelly Khumalo  (1)

But what does this mean?

Cultural expert, Barry Lietch says that isipandla are commonly worn after a ceremonial sacrifice has been made to one's ancestors.

"There are a variety of reasons as to why people do this," says Lietch.

"One of them could be as a protective mechanism and guardianship from the ancestors. Or it could be for some sort of divine intervention in an area where they may be struggling, for instance finding a job. Another reason could be tied to when one's life is not going well and they believe they have to repair their circumstances via the spiritual realm," he adds.

The reasons behind the recent ancestral sacrifice are unclear but it seems that Kelly is proud to have reached out to her ancestors.

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