Kelly Khumalo returns to Rhythm City

By Mathawe Matsapola
14 December 2016

She made her debut almost 10 years ago as Sunay in’s Rhythm City.

Controversial singer Kelly Khumalo captured viewers and heated things up in the show. Now, the mother-of-two is back on set. She’s busy filming scenes and we’ll get to see her in action from Tuesday 10 January.

Viewers can expect nothing less than drama from the sultry Sunay – a role that’s very much like Kelly herself.

Something about Sunay

Sunay is a sexy, exciting Afro-pop/R&B singer. She’s the local version of a Material Girl: she loves a party and goes to every social event, especially if there’s alcohol and media. She wears short, sexy clothes and is definitely promiscuous. She’s been in rehab for cocaine addiction, which we’ll discover she hasn't totally kicked.

Kelly and her character

  • They’re both sexy.
  • They’re both Afro-pop/R&B singers.
  • They both wear short, sexy clothes.
  • Kelly was also hooked on drugs.

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