Kelly opens up about her journey with the late Senzo Meyiwa

By Qhama Dayile
20 October 2016

"A month later, we are back in Johannesburg and the stranger has not given up."

Kelly Khumalo has started blogging about her life and what she calls her “journey to recovery.”

In the first blog post titled “Why is it difficult being a woman (Part 1)” she recalls when and how she met the late Senzo Meyiwa and delves deeper into the nitty-gritty of their relationship.

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Why is it so difficult being a woman in today’s society? Why does the rest of the world fail to identify with the challenges that us women face on a daily basis; some of which we fail to overcome because of society judging us?

I would like to welcome you to my journey of healing and hope that through my experiences i can inspire you to live your truth.

Welcome to My Truth!

It was a hot summer’s day in the beginning of March. I was sitting with my best friend watching ourselves on TV, laughing and having a good time when suddenly a call came through on her phone. I could hear that there was a man on the other line who seemingly was watching the same thing we were. My best friend then looked at me and said “She’s right here, would you like to speak to her?”. I was uninterested however felt i need to be courteous and decided to humor the both of them. The stranger on the other line continued to tell me how beautiful i looked on TV and would like to meet me in person. Being who i am, i get a lot of these calls and requests, i brushed him off politely.

A week later, my best friend and i decided to go to the coast for a mini vacation. On the second day of our holiday my best friend tells me that the stranger on the phone happens to also be in the coast. I gave her the side-eye as i knew she had something to do with him being there. He met up with us later on in the day and he continued to join us for the evening. On day 3, i was annoyed by this stranger as he was coming on too strong, but in secret, i liked the attention. I was planning to leave the coast early however the stranger insisted i stay a little longer, i did.

A month later, we are back in Johannesburg and the stranger has not given up. I finally gave in and decided to go on a first date with him. I wont lie, i had fun! …and from that day he was no longer a stranger… I was in love.heart-eyes

Things between us progressed quite quickly as we were both single,

“Well so i thought…”

In getting to know each other, i had informed him of my baby boy Christian, Christian’s dad, my mom and sister. He took me to his house on numerous occasions, told me he had a baby momma whom which he was no longer on speaking terms with. We made a pact that we will not allow our past to interfere with our future, i fell in love.

We did all the things that lovers did which led to him moving into my home. It was a lovers paradise… up until the day i found out… he was married.

My world shattered into pieces…what was even worse was that the same morning we had just come from the Doctor who confirmed that we are expecting a baby. While waiting for him to come home, i realised that i had been made to believe that something i thought was so pure and so real, actually didn’t exist.

I did not know what to do, i was in love with a married man…


Kelly Khumalo

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