Kelly Rowland airs her dirty laundry in new song

By Drum Digital
16 May 2013

Kelly Rowland has come out with a new song which airs out all of her dirty laundry. The song talks about everything from living in the shadows of the colossal success of Beyonce and being in a destructive physically and emotionally abusive relationship.

Miss Rowland talks about being lost after Destiny Childs separated. “When my sister was on stage killing it like a motherf*r /  I was enraged, feeling it like a motherf*r /Bird in a cage you would never know what I was dealing with.

She goes on to talk about her struggle to get a music hit when she went solo, "Post-Survivor, she on fire, who wanna hear my bullsh*?

While the man who emotionally and physically abused her remains unnamed, Kelly still goes in detail about how the man used to beat her. “Meanwhile, this nigga putting his hands on me/ I swear y’all don’t know the half of this industry

" And I was trapped in his house, lyin’ to my mama/ Thought it could get no worse as we maximize the drama/ Started to call them people on him/ I was battered

The former Destiny Childs member talks about how her sister from another mother Beyonce was there for her through the experience

“Phone call from my sister, “what’s the matter?” She said, “Oh no, baby - you gotta leave!" / I’m on the kitchen floor - he took the keys /I was mad at everybody, I mean everybody/ Yeah, her, her, her her everybody "

You can listen to the song here:

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