Kenny Kunene lambasted by Mzansi's parents

By Drum Digital
13 November 2014

Is Kenny Kunene's lifestyle stripping away at our society's moral fibre?

The self-proclaimed sushi king and former politician has been called out by the Society of Professional Women and Men in South Africa, who refer to themselves as "concerned mothers and fathers of South Africa" for what they deem his "continued antics which continue to degrade and debase our children".

The group has released a scathing press release, accusing the former convict and entrepreneur of setting a bad example for young "impressionable" minds. He is known to publicly enjoy his sushi on human platters - scantily clad female models such as those in the picture below. He is also known for his "army" which is made up of young women who are also said to be romantically involved with him.

kenny sushi

" These antics will have a long-lasting negative impact to these young women who are being exploited as well as the young men who see these dastardly acts as something to emulate and aspire to. The negative forces that shaped Kenny Kunene’s outlook of life should spur him to rather use his resources and energies positively. His misdirected anger should not be an excuse for such anti-social, evil and demonic behaviour. Instead of him abusing these impressionable young people, he should be donating to centres that seek to rehabilitate abused women and children," they have said.

kenny kunene

Kenny was not the only one on the firing line. Political and spiritual leaders were also condemned for their silence on Kenny's lifestyle: "We call upon all religious formations, women’s organisations , youth organisations, traditional, civic, non-governmental organisations,  orphanages, community policing forums and all other South African formations who have an interest in the future of this country and its children especially girls to reject and speak out against such exploitative behaviour."

The group has called on the media and the public to come together in ending what they deem the moral denigration of Mzansi.

Do you agree with this group? Could Kenny's behaviour be stripping away at our society's moral fibre? Should he be putting money into more useful projects?

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