Kenny Kunene: So What?

By Drum Digital
26 September 2011

What’s with the name So What? Your cars also have that statement as registration plates, what’s it about?

I had just come out of prison when I bought my Audi convertible in 2007 and it was my first wow car. People heard a lot to say about my car and they had nothing good to say about me. They thought I was still involved in crime but my reaction to what people would say was ‘So What’ This became a mantra of sorts. It’s worked for me as a statement rather than a question hence there’s no question mark. It’s a statement that deals with haters and anything negative people say about me. To all my haters, I still just say ‘So what.’

Your show was initially meant to be on SABC 1 and then it was suddenly with etv, tell us about that?

Etv gave me a better deal.

What makes your reality show different to others such as Rolling with Zola and Blame it on Fame (hosted by The Twinz)?

I think we all have different stories and our lives are different.

You launched So What at Zar. What was the reaction from the media and the celebs at the launch?

I haven’t heard anything negative from the media and I have received 100 percent positive feedback from the people who were at the launch. So I have had no negative feedback yet.

Do you have any fears of it not doing well?

I’m not afraid of anything. I don’t allow fear to stop me from doing things.

What do you hope to achieve with the show?

There are three things; for those who are confused as to who Kenny Kunene is, the show will help them know who he is. The show is also for those who can take anything positive from Kenny and use it in their lives.  The last thing is entertainment. I’m in the business of entertainment.

How long did it take to put it all together, film and edit?

We started shooting earlier this year. The bulk of the first episode is what we shot earlier this year but the rest of the show will be very current.

You recently went out and said you are a polygamist, tell us more about that?

We have allowed our culture to be insulted so much because of westernisation, as if all our forefathers did was wrong. I was born into polygamy; it’s still happening. People who criticise polygamy are the same people with mistresses and girlfriends all over the place. No one is moral in this world, we all have our shortcomings.

Do we see aspects of that side of you in your show?

I don’t want to pre-empt what’s on the show. I’ll just say ‘watch this show’.

Are you hoping for a season two?

I have signed two seasons already. There are 26 episodes scheduled to go on air already.

Do you feel too exposed with all the cameras following you?

Not really. My life warrants that I have a reality show. So I don’t feel exposed. I’m exposing myself and that’s cool.

What is off limit?

The show is about everything about my life- it’s going to reveal every aspect of my life.

Apart from getting your name even more out there through So What, what else is in it for you?

It’s about building the brand and entertainment.

You played a big role in the financing of the show, give us the low down on that?

Unfortunately the contract doesn’t allow me to divulge those details. So I can’t discuss anything around financial details.

Catch So What on etv on Saturdays at 7.30pm.

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