KFC does not use American chicken

By Drum Digital
27 May 2016

Following recent controversy over imports of American chicken and their affect on local chicken producers, many customers were concerned about whether KFC uses American chicken or not.

By Brenda Sekgota

The chicken reportedly consists of unwanted portions which are dumped on our market at rock bottom prices. It is reported that by the time America Chicken arrives in South Africa it will be six weeks older than locally produced chicken. There is also an untrue rumour that 70 % of American chicken contains arsenic.

But it seems KFC fans have nothing to worry about.

“We source 100 % of our chicken from local suppliers,” says KFC Marketing Director Thabisa Mkhwanazi.

KFC adds that American chicken doesn’t come in sizes that suit KFC’s strict specifications.

However, this hasn’t been the only concern for KFC loyal customers. Last year around May a video went viral on social media, which showed staff of a Braamfontein, Johannesburg branch of KFC caught on hosing down uncooked chicken on a dirty floor.

“The issue at Braamfontein gave us a chance to look at ourselves as brand, analyzing on what we are doing wrong as a brand, “says Mkhwanazi.

While these concerns remain, Mkhwanazi argues that such an incident shouldn’t be linked to a new guarantee tasting campaign, which was launched in South Africa on 06 May 2016.

“This new campaign has been tested in Indian and America, it is all about empowering our customers and maintaining our commitment to them,” says Mkhwanazi.

The new campaign gives KFC customers a chance to return a meal if they’re unhappy with it. The customer only needs the product, not the till slip, when returning the meal.

“You can take it back as much as you like: it’s either you get a free meal or a different meal with the same value,” says Mkhwanazi.

Mkhwanazi says this new campaign is different from the old complaint mechanism as unhappy customers can now speak to anyone in their store instead of using the customer care service.

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