KFC SA’s response to KFC India’s ‘scandal’

By Drum Digital
01 July 2015

KFC SA calls report about KFC India a case of malicious intent to damage the brand’s reputation.

KFC South Africa has issued a statement in response to an Indian province’s laboratory report that claims traces of bacteria were found in fried chicken legs at some of KFC India’s Hyderabad branches.

KFC SA states that KFC India has thoroughly investigated the incident and found inconsistencies with the report.

“There are no KFC restaurants in three out of the five locations where samples were allegedly collected from; KFC India have not received notices from any authority on this matter. The supplier stipulated in the report from the customer is not a poultry supplier,” said Doug Smart, managing director KFC Africa.

The statement calls the report about KFC India a case of malicious intent on the part of some individuals trying to damage the brand’s reputation, since KFC takes food safety extremely seriously and follows global procedures in the preparation of their food.

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