Khanyi, it's all over!

By Drum Digital
06 July 2010

THE WOMAN coming down the stairs of the immaculate house cuts a graceful figure. She’s slim and beautiful, chic in a grey ribbed mini dress with fur-lined leather boots, and her husband can’t keep his eyes off her.

“Sweetheart, you look gorgeous,” he tells her and she smiles serenely. “Thanks, angel,” she says.

If you didn’t know better you’d think Theunis and Primrose Crous were the picture-perfect married couple, complete with two cute kids, a dream home and a selection of luxury cars at their disposal.

But, as the country knows only too well, their marriage has been fraught with drama. The woman at the core of it is, as everybody knows, Khanyi Mbau, the socialite Theunis by his own admission fell for hook, line and sinker and with whom he conducted a tempestuous affair.

But it’s all over now, he says. He’s had enough of Khanyi and he’s starting over with Primrose – they’re even planning to renew their wedding vows, they tell us.

Theunis and Primrose have invited DRUM to their home on an exclusive golf estate north of Joburg to tell us everything – and in the space of a few hours Theunis makes revelations and allegations about Khanyi that will make your jaw drop.

“I’ve always loved Primrose,” the 51-year-old businessman says. “I was busy with something really bad and destructive but deep in my heart I knew I could never divorce my wife. I can’t blame anyone but myself. I was at war with myself for a long time but I’ve managed to make peace now. That’s when I realised I had to come home to my wife and the kids.”

“Did you compare me to other women?” Primrose asks.

“I never compared you with anyone,” he replies, putting his hand over hers. “You are unique and truly amazing. I’m just so glad you never gave up on me and on us. You fought for our marriage and became this super-strong woman I am very proud of.”

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