Khanyi’s lost the plot

By Drum Digital
28 July 2010

THERE’S always been something magnetic about her. At first people enjoyed watching her because she was fun and flirty and in demand at every event on the social calendar.

Sure, she was controversial from the word go but she was... well, irresistible. But in just a few short years the interest in Khanyi Mbauhas Her reign as Mzansi’s top “It” girl is well and truly over and here Khanyi Mbau’s ex and a former best friend spill the beans on life with the drama-loving diva turned into the kind of fascination people feel when they look at a car accident... The tide has turned against Mzansi’s queen of bling and even those once near and dear to her have washed their hands of her.One man in particular is watching closely as she unravels. Khanyi’s ex-husband, Mandla Mthembu, tasted the glitz and glamour of being a celeb during his tenure as Mr Khanyi Mbau but has paid dearly for it and is now keeping a safe distance.

“I don’t want to be part of the Khanyi Mbau circus,” Mandla (56) tells DRUM in a telephone interview. He’s tucked away in a B&B somewhere in Joburg and says his ex-wife’s drama “just never ends”.

“She’s in the news again for charging some poor girl with theft of her clothes. In such a case you’re expected to call the police, of course – but was it necessary to call the media to take pictures?”

The incident Mandla is referring to is the theft charge Khanyi laid against Nokulunga Mtshali at Midrand police station. She accused Nokulunga of stealing her designer clothes, shoes and jewellery valued at R75 000 – and of being Theunis Crous’ new mistress to boot.

Mandla recently read DRUM’s exclusive interview with Theunis about how Khanyi bewitched him and gave him muthi (Khanyi, we’re finished, 8 July).

Read the full article in the Drum of 5 August 2010

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