Khuli Chana stands by his story

By Drum Digital
30 October 2013

Rapper Khuli Chana is upset after reports in the media allege that he defied the police during the Monday morning shooting.

In statement released by his publicist Chana insists that he stands by his story that he did not defy police orders nor was he involved in the crime.

“Given the high profile nature of the case and immense public interest in the matter, a lot of misinformation has been circulated,” his publicist Sheila Afari said

She said when he is ready, will reveal the actual events of that fateful day.

Chana was shot and wounded in Midrand, in the early hours of Monday morning after police mistook his vehicle for that of a kidnap suspect.

“The members of SAPS were present in an unmarked vehicle and had no identifiable features to denote that they were members of the police,” Afari said.

“Several shots were fired at our client who was not involved in the said crime,” she added.


- Drum Reporter

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