Kids are different: Halle Berry

By Drum Digital
01 April 2014

Halle Berry says there are already clear differences in the "energy" of her daughter Nahla and son Maceo.

Halle Berry says her son has a "different energy" to her daughter.

The 47-year-old actress - who has five-year-old Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and five-month-old Maceo with husband Olivier Martinez - has found there have always been clear differences between her two kids, even from such a young age.

Asked how her son is, she said: "Fantastic. It's different, the energy. Whoever says they're not different from the start, they've never had both."

The 'Frankie and Alice' actress also admitted being a parent has had an impact on her work because having kids has been such a "life-changing" experience.

She told E! News: "Being a mom - that started when I had my daughter six years ago - you do start to bring different levels to your performances because being a mom is so life-changing and transforming when you have that right of passage and so it would be very hard for me not to bring that to every single thing that I do and I love that."

While Halle loves motherhood, she recently admitted she isn't planning to have any more children.

She said: "I'm surprised I had the one I just had! So I doubt God is going to bless me again. I think I'm done!"

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