Klu Klux Klan member has a change of heart

By Drum Digital
20 March 2015

A former leader of the KKK now lives amongst the people he used to discriminate against.

A man who once led the most violent faction of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) in the USA now lives on an island with a majority population that is made up of people with colour. Bossip reports that Bill Wilkinson, who disappeared in 1984, has turned up in San Pedro which is off the coast of Central America as resort owner. The multimillionaire now lives among blacks, hispanics and mayans. “Life is real good, I love the island, it’s full of very friendly people,” Wilkinson said. “I enjoy scuba diving, that’s what I came here for, snorkeling, fishing. People here know about my past but they don’t care, they accept me for who I am." Despite people accepting Wilkinson and his past, he still believes in the segregation of races  “I am a segregationist,” he began “I believe in no intermingling in the schools and churches, things of that nature. I’m the same man I've always been, I wouldn't let one (a black person) marry my children or grandchildren,” he concluded. One community member was in disbelief about Wilkinson's perspective of racial segregation. "He speaks like we can’t all live together, but he’s living in a f*****g town where all the people live. It takes a mentally insane person to think like that.” he said.

This picture of Wilkinson seems to dispute his opinion.


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