Know if are you dating a married man

By Drum Digital
20 March 2015

We all need love, but some kind of love can be toxic, time wasting and dangerous.

You met him at a bar

Married man hang around the bar a lot after work.

Tan line on his ring finger

They have a tendency to take their wedding bands when they go out, so they look single and get women to agree to see them.

He pays for dinners and drinks in cash

He might be sharing the credit/debit card with the wife, so he does not want the transaction to apply on the statement.

He has more than one cell phone and won't give you both phone numbers

One is for the wife and all family related issues and the other one is for his secret life.

He tends to call you when he is outdoors

He cannot call you when he is home, because there is no privacy.

He doesn't reply to your texts for hours and is not available to talk freely in the evenings.

During the day he is not with his family, so he can pretend like he is at work or busy with work matters. This makes it easier for him to keep his secret life out questioning.

Source: Dr.

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