K.O's battle with vicious rumours helped him rise to the top of the rap game

By Pheto Ramakobya
19 February 2016

K.O is considerably one of the biggest stars in the South African music industry at the moment.

The rapper recalls one tough time in his life when he chose to live healthier in 2013.

A decision the Caracara hitmaker thought was for best turned into a sour one when vicious rumours went viral that Ntokozo ‘KO’ Mdluli was HIV positive along with his then girlfriend Sarah Langa Heaton.

The former Teargas member admits he lost a lot of weight that might fueled the rumours but in turn made him out to be a stronger person.

The rapper spoke to Sowetan on the ordeal saying, "For me that was one of the pillars to my success... That whole situation started shortly after Caracara came out. There are a lot of people who will not applaud every great move you make. So it was their way of maybe trying to slow me down".

He continued, "My partner was being told that she is dying, just because 'I'm dying'. She was not a rapper, she is not in the music business. But now just because of her association with me and now she has to endure ignorance like that. My parents were also being hit hard.”

This is when KO decided to kill the rumour by doing a public HIV test.

"As tough as that whole situation was, as hurtful as it was, it also helped my rise. Shortly after I did the public test situation, two weeks later Caracara went to top of the charts."

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