Koyo and Amstel: There is no bad blood between us

By Drum Digital
27 August 2012

Rumours have been doing the rounds of late that 3sum bandmates and gay socialites Koyo Bala and

Amstel Maboa are not seeing eye to eye any more.

It was reported that Koyo, who disclosed his HIV status last year, claims Amstel is one of a few friends who abandoned him after his disclosure.

Koyo also claims Amstel was spreading rumours that he’s bedridden and dying.

When Amstel was called for comment he denied the accusations, saying, “There’s no beef between koyo and I. Koyo is still my best friend and just because we don’t attend functions together like we used to doesn’t mean I’ve rejected him.”

Amstel adds that he’s trying to take a break from the limelight while focusing on his solo project and building his brand as a solo artist.

“I was the one who held koyo’s hand and accompanied him to hospital. so why would I talk badly

about him behind his back?” Amstel asks.

Koyo agrees that this is blown out of proportion and says Amstel has always been there for him.

“Our friendship still remains the same,” he says.

“We communicate with each other on a daily basis and I’ll always love him unconditionally.”

Amstel assures us that 3sum (obviously without the late Jeff Moyo) will get back together when

the time is right.

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