Koyo died of kidney failure

By Drum Digital
15 March 2016

Well-known 3Sum music group member and social butterfly Koyo Bala did not die of rectal cancer as reports suggested.

By Mathawe Matsapola

DRUM can exclusively reveal that Koyo died of kidney failure on Monday, 7 March, at Groot Schuur hospital in Cape Town. Koyo’s close friend and the only surviving member of the group, Amstel Maboa Makwane, set the record straight. “Koyo was HIV-positive and he was open about it, and later was diagnosed with colon cancer but he died from kidney failure,” said Amstel. The group comprised of Amstel, the late Bala and the late Jeff Moyo who passed away at the age of 34 in 2010.

The bubbly Koyo (37) found out he was HIV-positive in 2011 and in 2013 was diagnosed with colon cancer. But with his fighting spirit he fought a good fight and remained positive with life. He was always the life of a party and a people’s person. His last public appearance was at the recent 15th annual Metro FM Music Awards held in Durban.

Creatives day after the @metrofmsa awards so much fun we had lov u guys

His memorial service will be held today at 2 pm at The Baseline in Newtown. According to his family statement released recently, Koyo will be laid to rest at the Ottery Cemetery in Cape Town, while the funeral service will be held in Gugulethu Sports Complex.

Lala ngoxolo (rest in peace) social butterfly.

RIP Koyo

Colon cancer affects the large bowel and rectum. It usually grows very slowly over a period of up to 10 years, before it starts to spread and affect other parts of the body. If diagnosed early, it can be successfully treated and if left undetected, the cancer cells will multiply to form a tumour in the bowel, causing pain, bleeding and other symptoms.

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