Krejcir: My life is in danger

By Drum Digital
15 November 2013

Radovan Krejcir believes he is under attack and his life is in danger, EyeWitness News reported on Friday.

"I lost two of my closest friends and I'm very sad about it. I believe I'm under attack, because so far there have already been two attempts to murder me," he said.

Krejcir assumed this week's blast at his business Money Point in Bedfordview, where two people were killed, and three were injured, was aimed at killing him.

It followed another attempt on his life earlier this year when a vehicle rigged with guns and operated by remote control opened fire on him at the same premises.

"This week was even worse. We aren't talking now about a hit on one person, we're talking about a serious terrorist attack because they used explosions and they didn't care if there were 20 people or kids there," he said.

"They were willing to blow all these people up so we're talking a different level. We're talking about Al-Qaeda style, about terrorism."

He said it was "disgusting" to suggest that he staged either of the attacks to assist with his refugee bid.

He is opposing a bid by Czech authorities to have him extradited.


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