Krejcir wants out of Kokstad jail

By Drum Digital
22 January 2016

Czech fugitive and convicted drug dealer Radovan Krejcir has filed papers to be transferred from one of the country's most secure jails to a prison in Gauteng.

"Like in many other cases before, our security risk assessment required that he be taken to Kokstad. We are keeping him in one of the two super C-Max correctional centres in South Africa," Correctional Services spokesperson Manelisi Wolela said on Friday.

He had filed papers with the high court to be transferred back to Gauteng.

Zonderwater in Pretoria is the country's only other high-security prison. Wolela said it was under construction, which was what prompted the department's decision to send him to Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal.

According to EWN, in his court application Krejcir accused the department of violating his constitutional rights by transferring him out of Gauteng, as it made it harder for him to consult his lawyers.

Earlier this month, The Star reported that Krejcir received a police escort, including a helicopter, from Zonderwater to Kokstad, just before Christmas.

Krejcir was the first prisoner to be sent to C-Max in Kokstad, the country’s most secure prison, before being sentenced.

Kokstad prison houses criminals with a reputation for escaping from custody, including Ananias Mathe, who slipped out of Pretoria's C-Max by smearing himself with petroleum jelly.

The high-security facility is officially known as Ebongweni Closed Maximum Security Prison. Inmates are kept in solitary confinement 23 hours each day, standard for all C-Max prisons.

On August 24, Krejcir was convicted of attempted murder, kidnapping, and dealing in drugs. The matter related to the kidnapping and torture of Bheki Lukhele, whose brother, Doctor, had allegedly disappeared with 25kg of Krejcir's tik.

Last year, prison officials foiled a plot by Krejcir to break out of Zonderwater prison.

Source: News24

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