Kwesta: "I feel like I should have won more awards"

By Drum Digital
30 September 2016

King Kwesta's musical greatness is a known fact, yet he hasn't received the recognition he so rightfully deserves


When speaking on awards and accomplishment, Kwesta said that despite how well his music's been doing, it hasn't fully been recognized, and his lost out on many awards because of it, reported Times Live.

"Yeah! I feel like I should have won more awards and obviously there are awards I think I should have won. You get nominated and think 'sh*t. It would be great. I wish I could win' and I've lost so many awards, so many!"

Although he did caution that he does not do music for the awards. "But it's not really about that. I don't go into studio thinking that the song I am recording should win this and this award," Kwesta said.

He said the song that made waves for his career was Ngud, and his working to improve and keep building on that success. "I've been given an opportunity that not many artists ever get in their entire career, which is a life changing song. Mine was Ngud and I'm just trying to ride the wave of that. It really has changed my life."

We do hope that Da King of African Rap will get the recognition he deserves sooner than later.

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