Lacefront eyebrows - the new rave

By Drum Digital
13 February 2014

Now there are lace eyebrows - extensions, of sorts, for your eyebrows.

You have heard of lace front wigs and weaves. These are your go-to extension for the all-natural look it gives to wearers.

If you are lacking in the eyebrow area, lace eyebrows may suit you.

As many women with limited eyebrows know, no matter how much waxing, and shaping, hair on the eyebrows never seem to multiply.

The lace eyebrows, much like the lace front wig, are sewn on lace net.

The strips are then adhered to using adhesive and the result is just as seamless as the lace front wig hairline.

The eyebrows are made of human hair and come in the colour ranges just like hair extensions and buyers can also choose the style they want for their eyebrows.

Would you get lacefront eyebrows?

-          Source: Twitter

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