Lady Gaga fighting for 'Queen of Pop' title

By Drum Digital
09 November 2013

Lady Gaga is fighting to keep her 'Queen of Pop' crown with a hotly-anticipated third album

Multi-platinum selling diva , but early reception in the US and Britain has been lukewarm.

"Artpop" signals a return to the limelight for Stefani Germanotta --known as Lady Gaga on stage and in video -- after she was forced to tone down her usually ubiquitous media presence to undergo hip surgery.

"For ArtPop, in a symbolic way, I've put myself in front of a mirror, I've taken off my clothes, then the makeup, then the wigs, I've dressed myself with a black jumpsuit and I've told myself: 'Now, you have to prove you can be brilliant without all that'", Lady Gaga told the magazine Grazia.

Even before its official release next week, "Artpop" has been making the headlines.

The 27-year-old New Yorker, who established her reputation on chart-topping songs and surrounded herself with a constant media buzz, streamed the new album this week after it was leaked.

The artist also hinted at an out-of-this-world publicity splash for the album's official launch -- a concert in space.

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