Lalla scores big

By Molife Kumona
05 April 2016

Television personality Lalla Hiriyama is continuing to prove she is one of SA entertainment's leading lady. The beauty has just landed the gig of a lifetime as the face of Mnet Movies presenting a new show called Lalla Land. DRUM caught up with her soon after the announcement.

Congratulations on being the first Mnet Movies ambassador
Thank you so much. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I get to travel and meet stars that one never imagined they will. I am so grateful to Mnet for this opportunity.

So this job will have you travelling all over the world, that must be exciting?
Yes it is. The idea of flying wasn't a great one for me because I suffer from panic and anxiety disorder, so that has made flying daunting for me. But I have had to work on it and now I am better. It's a work in progress.

How do you compose yourself when you meet and have to interview the big stars?
I only have a few minutes to usually interview them so I usually go in and get straight to the point. Sometimes it's hard though. So you and Chris broke about sometime last year. Are you seeing anyone at the moment?
All I can say is I am happy. I am in happy space and I am grateful for all the things I learnt and experiences while I was with him. I always believe that what's ahead will be better than what has come.

How have you managed to stay humble in an ego based industry like this one?
It's because I stay grateful for all the opportunities I have been given. I still believe there is more to come in my journey and having an ego will be one's downfall.

Lalla has just comeback from London to interview the stars of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice and is getting off to Los Angeles tomorrow to interview the cast of Bad Neighbors 2.

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