Lamola slams Malema

By Drum Digital
13 June 2013

ANCYL deputy Ronald Lamola has criticised Julius Malema’s move to start a new political party.

In an interview with The Star called Malema’s move as misguided militancy.

“I distance myself from that party. It’s a misguided militancy and radicalism. Radicalism is very dangerous when it’s not guided.

Lamola accused Malema of hijacking resolutions of the national conference held at the Gallagher Convention Centre which re-elected him.

“Economic freedom resolutions of Gallagher were not the personal property of Julius Malema. They are the assets and resolutions of the members of the youth league, who still believe that is the way to go. ANCYL members are principled and militant enough to pursue economic freedom,” he added.

Relations between Malema and Lamola declined after Malema launched a scathing attack on him calling Lamola a sell-out and a traitor.

“My relationship with him deteriorated because I disagreed with him when they wanted to come and address a national executive committee meeting of the youth league and the rally after they were expelled,” says Lamola

It was reported on Tuesday that Julius Malema was preparing to form a new political party.

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