Last week of Generations

By Drum Digital
22 September 2014

What will you be looking forward to as Generations ends?

For 20 years it has been a staple for every South African family and this week marks the last week of the most loved television programme in Mzansi. What are you expecting from this last week. We look at some of our favourite Generations moments throughout the years;

1)      Priscilla and Archie’s love story-Their relationship was filled with some power struggles and class issues but they kept us glued to our TV screens with their chemistry. When she died Archie was lost without her.

2)      Archie and Zoleka’s wedding- This wedding was one of the most watched on the show. Archie and Zoleka’s happiness didn’t last though as she had a miscarriage and he died not too long after the wedding.

3)      A blind Karabo- After Ntsiki Lukhele put acid in Karabo’s eye ointment she became blind. Actress Connie Ferguson pulled off the blind character really well.

4)      Ntsiki Lukhele- From her accent, her deviousness, her obsession with money and power and also her obsession with Archie, Ntsiki was one of the highlights of the shows. She still remains one of the best female villain on TV.

5)      Karabo and Ntombi catfights- These two were frenemies, one moment they were good friends then the next they would be fighting (physically) over Sibusiso. Karabo got married to Sibusiso briefly and it was Ntombi who ended up with him after things didn’t work out with Karabo.

6)      Ngamla’s softer side- Sibusiso Dlomo (Ngamla) had always been crude and a feared man until he got married to Ntombi. We got to see his loving and lighter side during that time.

7)      Karabo and Tau’s love- After all her times being unlucky in love, Karabo finally found love with Tau. She sailed into the sunset with him as her character exited the show.

8)      Jack Mabaso- Played by Vusi Kunene he was one of those villains that made the show great to watch. Ladies also loved Jack and his one hand black leather glove.

9)      Queen Moroka- She literally made the word; ‘Darling’ famous on TV. Her larger than life character from the start of the show remains one of the most loved.

10)   Senzo and Jason kiss- It caused a lot of uproar with praise and criticism. Ever since then the couple has been a great representation of same sex relationships in the country.

11)   Mawande goes crazy- After her daughter Noluntu drugged her the scenes with Mawande going mad were very popular.

12)   Emergence of Zodwa- Possibly one of the most talked about characters in the show, Zodwa’s tendencies not only showed a reflection of how helpers can get out of hand but also how men can be vulnerable.

13)   Dineo Mashaba- She entered the show as a trophy wife and moved on to be a powerful business woman and magazine editor. Her love life was colourful and filled with drama and tragedy. She was resilient and kept bouncing back.

By Molife Kumona

Pictures: TV plus and Screengrabs

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