Laugh a minute with Tumi Morake

By Hopewell Mpapu
18 September 2015

Fans love comedienne and She's the One host Tumi Morake's larger-than-life personality

Her bubbly personality and straight-talking ways have not only won her many fans in Mzanis, but also cemented her place in show business as one star who is here to stay.

Comedienne and TV host Tumi Morake is everywhere these days, from television to commercials, voice-overs, corporate gigs, acting - you name it.

Just where does she find the balance between her very busy schedule and downtime?

"I have a very strong support structure and a husband who reminds me to press the pause button," she says flashing her trademark smile.

She is so popular that when she left Mzansi Magic's Our Perfect Wedding, for which she was the fourth host, loyal viewers of the reality show took to Twitter to express their dismay.

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