Lawyers to view Zuma crash scene

By Drum Digital
06 November 2014

Lawyers for President Jacob Zuma's son, for a taxi driver, and for a woman killed when their vehicles collided, will visit the accident scene, the Randburg Magistrate's Court heard on Thursday.

Magistrate Lalita Chetty said they would meet at the Johannesburg court on Friday and go to the M1 south's Grayston off-ramp in Sandton, escorted by Johannesburg metro police for an inspection in loco.

The court was conducting an inquest into an accident where minibus passenger Phumzile Dube died after Zuma's Porsche rear-ended the vehicle in the rain on the off-ramp on February 1 around 10pm.

Three other occupants of the minibus were injured.

Gary Mazaham, for Zuma, told the inquest there were five lanes on the M1 where the accident happened.

He was challenging taxi driver Jabulani Dlamini's testimony that he was travelling in the slow lane and that Zuma had moved from the fourth lane on the far right, to the slow lane.

David Maree, for Dube's family, would begin cross-examining Dlamini after the teams returned from the inspection.

According to Zuma's statement, he lost control of his Porsche after it hit a puddle. It spun and hit the back of the taxi, coming to a standstill facing oncoming traffic.

Dlamini told the inquest there was not much water on the road.

"There was water on the road, but there wasn't a lot. It was running to the sides".

The water was not an obstacle and he could see about six to seven metres ahead of him on the highway.

During his cross-examination by prosecutor Yusuf Baba, Dlamini contradicted himself about whether or not he saw Zuma's Porsche in the fast lane.

The 28-year had said in his statement to police he had been driving in the slow lane. He then said he saw a silver car move from the fast lane to the slow lane, and crash into the back of his taxi.

During cross-examination however, it emerged that Dlamini only saw the Porsche after it struck his minibus.

In July, the National Prosecuting Authority said it declined to prosecute Zuma due to insufficient evidence. The matter was referred to a magistrate for a formal inquest to determine whether the accident was caused by human error.


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