Lebo M reportedly set to remarry ex-wife, Angela Casara

By Drum Digital
08 November 2016

Lebo M and ex-wife Angela Casara are planning to remarry after their divorce in 2013

Lebo M and ex-wife Angela Ngani Casara are reportedly planning to remarry after their divorce in 2013

According to the Sowetan, Lebo M is set to remarry his ex wife as Publicist Neo Motlaha confirmed the preperations are already underway and in full swing.

"The events of my life have been humbling, and reconciling with Angela has continued to teach me important lessons," Lebo said.

He went on to speak about their reconcilation saying "our reconciliation is about restoring what truly is a gift to us."

In a post on Instagram, Lebo spoke about the current state of his life and how happy he is. "I am personally very happy in my life, having been blessed enough to reconcile and reconnect deeply with Angela Casara while doing my best to look after my children and do what ever it takes to correct my wrongs in my parenting ways. I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to restore a healthy relationship with all my adult children," Lebo captioned his post.

Image: Lebo M Instagram Image: Lebo M Instagram

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