Lebo Mashile's baby bliss

By Drum Digital
18 August 2010

SHE rushes into the studio like a whirlwind and apologises for being late. “I’m so sorry,” she says. “I only meant to nap for an hour and get here in plenty of time. But when I woke up it was too late!”

It’s easy to forgive Lebo Mashile, who is so warm and friendly you feel like you know her within a few minutes of meeting her. Five months pregnant with her first child, she wears her baby bump like a badge of honour. Her skin is glowing, her big eyes are twinkling and her hands often rest proudly on her baby bump.However, she admits pregnancy is making her tired. “I’m just not used to having to take it easy and nap during the day. This slowing down is something I’m battling to get right.”

Considering how many hats Lebo wears taking things easy can’t be easy. She’s a poet and a performer, a TV personality and outspoken feminist, a musician, a producer and a sought-after MC. Soon she’ll add the title of mother to her impressive portfolio.

“I’m very excited about the baby,” she tells us. “I’ve just found out it’s going to be a little boy. We didn’t plan it but once I realised I was pregnant I couldn’t have been happier – and my partner is just as thrilled as I am.”

She won’t reveal her man’s name but is more than happy to talk about him.

“Oh, he’s wonderful; so supportive and understanding. He’s not in the same industry as me – he has a real nine-to-five job. He’s still not used to the demands of my work but he’s just been amazing. I know he’s going to be a great dad.”

Which is good news, because with her hectic schedule she’ll need all the help she can get when junior arrives...

THE attractive 30-year-old was born in exile in the USA and came to South Africa at the age of 16. She’s published several awardwinning anthologies of her poems. She has travelled to Cuba, New York and London performing her work to spellbound audiences and regularly enthrals local crowds with her rousing performance poetry.

Lebo has also been on our TV screens, first as presenter and executive producer of L’Attitude which ran on SABC1 for three seasons, then as presenter of SABC2’s Drawing the Line. In addition she has produced an album that mixes poetry with hip-hop and she runs her own independent production company called Mashile Productions.

With so much going on it’s easy to see why it took her a full two months to realise she was pregnant. “I wasn’t feeling very well and I had no appetite, especially not for meat,” says Lebo, who is due to give birth in December. “I used to be a vegetarian but I fell off the wagon. Suddenly overnight I couldn’t stand the sight of meat so I decided to do a full detox – no meat, coffee, sugar or alcohol.

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