Leeuhof Prison scandal

By Drum Digital
15 June 2014

Leeuhof Prison in Gauteng finds itself amid serious corruption allegations.

The City Press reports allegations which include drug smuggling, drug abuse and the trafficking of younger prisoners.

Eugene Viljoen of Cell 14 is a prisoner awaiting trial. He made these claims, with pictures attached, in the hopes of getting a lenient sentence.

A member of the 26 gang, he admits to having ben part of the smuggling ring which bribes prison wardens to smuggle inmates from juvenile prison to be raped.

"Underneath the basins is a plumbing hole. All of the drugs, weapons, dagga and whatever get wrapped up and hidden in the hole?...?we call it the mineshaft?...?crystal, bags full of Mandrax tablets, bags of dagga, everything you can imagine is in the mineshaft," Viljoen says.

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