Lerato Kganyago and Tbo Touch in the 'firing' line

By Drum Digital
24 February 2015

Lerato must stop trying to get attention, says Kuli Roberts.

Over the years radio and television personality has become well known for 'saying it like she sees it'.  She has hurt and upset a lot of people with some of her comments but Kuli still speaks her mind.

While on Kaya FM's 180 with Bob, the show she co-hosts with DJ Bob Mabena recently Kuli Roberts took a swipe at The Link's Lerato Kganyago and Metro FM DJ Tbo Touch. Kuli spoke of how Lerato Kganyago should stop trying to get publicity by lying in a newspaper article that Etv and SABC were 'fighting' over her. "Lerato makes it seem like she is the only personality who is going to be working with two channels and that's just not true. Many other personalities do it." Kuli said that instead of running to media trying to get attention she should only come when she has something newsworthy. On the same show while discussing the 2015 Oscars with Andy "Admiral" Kasrils, Kuli took a jibe at Tbo Touch. After Andy had suggested that they send him for 2016 Oscars Kuli replied, "No you shouldn't go to the US. Otherwise you will comeback with a fake American accent. We have enough Tbo Touchs."

Neither Tbo Touch or Lerato have responded to Kuli's comments.

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