Lerato Sengadi on how HHP proposed to her

By Drum Digital
29 September 2016

During an interview on Lerato Tshabalala's show on Touch Central, former Big Brother contestant and HHP's fiance' Lerato Sengadi shared how Jabba proposed to her

Jabba Man seems to be a romantic at heart.

This is according to his fiance, Lerato Sengadi. During an interview on Lerato Tshabalala's show on Touch Central, the former Big Brother contestant shared how Jabba proposed to her in Amsterdam.

"On the first of November we left and went to Amsterdam on a little vacation. Three days into the holiday we were supposed to go to Paris and he was like insisting we go to Paris, but I was like 'no I don't want to go to Paris because it's cloudy and I'm not going to get the iconic Eiffel Tower picture,'" Sengadi said.

After accepting that they're not going, the couple went out on their second last night. Lerato said that HHP continued to look unwell: "We go out and he looks unwell, he's breaking into a sweat and I'm like 'Are you ok?'"

Little did Lerato know that her man had a huge surprise for her.

"So I'm busy taking pictures and when I turn, he's on his knees and I'm thinking what's wrong? To me it didn't even click, I'm thinking that maybe he's really ill now. Then he's like... 'Well do you want to do this life thing together with me, like you know, I was supposed to do it in Paris but you didn't want to go with me'."

Ironically, according to Lerato, immediately after she accepted Jabba's proposal, Beyonce's "Single Ladies" came on.

So ladies, the next time your man suggests you go to Paris, agree. Who knows, he might just pop the question.

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