Lessons Cassper took away from feuding with AKA

By Drum Digital
15 June 2016

Cassper has been quiet of late, and with good cause.

While AKA has found his voice and is flooding timelines, his arch nemesis, Cassper Nyovest is doing the opposite. The feud between the two rappers has also died down, with their love-lives taking centre stage in the news.

While the beef might have died down, Cassper opened up to Jacaranda FM about the fact that at its climax, the beef gave him sleepless nights.

“I remember when my feud with my previous enemy was really hectic and at its peak. I remember having sleepless nights,” the “Skelm” rapper said. He even sees AKA as a “previous enemy”, pouring cold water over any idea of a prolonged feud.

While AKA or any other rapper might take jabs at the “new age Doc Shebeleza”, Cass is above revenge.

“When something happens to people who are known not to like me‚ I don’t celebrate it. I used to celebrate it like they deserved it‚ but now I feel sorry for them because I kind of know how that feels. I really don’t care about that anymore. It’s about being positive and living a positive life‚” he said.

On why he’s gone under the radar lately, Nyovest said, “Right now I’ve chosen to keep quiet and carry on doing what I’m doing.”

If it ain’t about the money, don’t bother Cassper with it. “The only time I will start worrying is when I start selling less or making less money‚ then there is something wrong,” he added.

All the drama has drawn Cassper closer to his family and he’s appreciative of the fact.

Nyovest is currently engrossed with his #RefiloeAlbumTour and running his record label, Family Tree.

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