Lessons DJ Zinhle learnt from her Mother

By Drum Digital
06 May 2016

DJ Zinhle is proud and very excited to be celebrating her first mothers day.

On her blog MomentsByZinhle she wrote about the lessons she learnt from her mother. One of the lessons her mother taught her that she wrote on was: " She was a teacher who instilled in me the discipline to work hard and not to expect anything from anyone",  A fine lesson that teaches you the importance of independence, hard work and how to stand on your own two feet. Her mother also taught her not to be financially dependent on others or for that matter not to accept money from other people as she recalls when she wrote on her blog: "I remember very clearly how she discouraged the idea of us accepting money as a gift from people." She also wrote on her blog saying " There is nothing wrong with accepting gifts but this lesson from my mother protected me from many things. My relationships have never been shaped by how much money the other person has to offer but rather about mutual respect." Her mother taught her to always see things through to the end, and she recalls this and wrote:  "My mother does not like anything to be half done and she taught me to always see something through once I started it.  I had certain house chores that were allocated to me and if I did not finish them, I was not allowed to leave the house. I hated it but now I treasure the lessons. I see things to the finish line." One of the most important lessons she's learnt was not to be inconsiderate towards others, and she wrote on it: "I was running late for school one day and my mom left without me, I was so sad to have missed school that day and my mom was not happy with me when she got back home. That ensured that I was never late for school again and it taught me that it is not okay to inconvenience people. I am extremely professional and this is because I understand that I have a responsibility towards other people and that I have to respect their time."

These are a few lessons she's learnt from her mom that we can build on as well to become better as individuals.

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