Lessons on teaching

By Drum Digital
27 May 2015

What makes a good teacher? The question inspired Darren August to write a book about the people who shape our children’s lives. DRUM chats to the inspirational author and motivational speaker.

They shape young minds, possessing the power to inspire and give confidence - as well as to bore and crush the joy of learning. Love them or hate them, you cannot avoid them. Teachers have affected all of our lives in one way or another.

And that’s why one man decided to take a closer look at their role in our society, and put his findings on paper.

A Teacher Changed My Life is the work of corporate trainer, motivational speaker and CEO of Dazz Consulting Darren August. The book is designed to inspire both teachers and learners alike. Darren (34) says his goal is to help people thrive and succeed. Education is at the source of his mission.

Read more in the 28 May 2015 issue of DRUM!

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