Letoya Makhene let go for being a 'diva'

By Drum Digital
17 July 2017

Letoya hasn't said anything

Actress, musician and Generations The Legacy actress Letoya Makhene is apparently a diva according to Mabala Noise and that is the reason why they let her go.  According to reports Letoya had an attitude and that is the reason why the label let her go. However, sources say it had nothing to do with that, the company was just going through a change.

"It wasn't only Letoya who was let go, even Zandi Gumede was let go also over alleged diva rumors, which isn't true," a source tells DRUM.

"Letoya knows her worth and stands up for herself and maybe that's why they labelled her diva and difficult," another source adds.

"I am not in a position to speak about the internal happenings of the company. I'm not actually sure what you are talking about," Letoya said of the reports when she was contacted by Sunday World.

Mabala Noise went through a recent restructure that also saw their head of marketing and communication Mhlo Gumede, being let go from the company.

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