Letoya Makhene's heartfelt message to younger sister

By Drum Digital
14 July 2015

Letoya Makhene has revealed that her younger sister has disappeared and her whereabouts are unknown

Actress and singer Letoya Makhene started her day on a sad note.

Letoya shared a sad story with her fans on Instagram on Tuesday morning.

She told her fans how sad she felt today since her younger sister, Gontse Makhene who is celebrating her 28th birthday today, has disappeared.

Gontse is allegedly missing and the family does not know what her whereabouts are.

Check Gontse's message from big sister Letoya:

letoyamakhene On this day, 28 years ago...our mother, Agnes, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl...they named her Gontse. We've been trying to get hold of her for weeks, with no luck. Instead of celebrating my sister's life, I find myself feeling so sad-I can't stop crying. So I pulled out these pics of her in healthier times-glowing-and beautiful as ever. We pray for you everyday...we've never stopped loving you. This collage is me celebrating you...I love you so much-it hurts. May you find the peace and happiness that you've been searching for for so many years.

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